Our uniqueness is what defines us.

Our uniqueness is what defines us.


The Use of the PARIS

This information system can be connected to internal infrastructure. The system uses STB devices together with display units to displaying content and it can also use the output of the IP cameras for further processing. PARIS system is the ideal tool for organizing the presented content.

  • Remote control
  • Recordings from cameras
  • Live broadcast
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • TV module
  • Advertising
  • Internal announcements

Start using the multimedia potential of your infrastructure to the fullest.

The system allows you to create playlists, which assists you in the planning of playback.


System PARIS as an Investment

Thanks to the system PARIS your multimedia infrastructure changes to the media landscape, which you can use according to your marketing strategies:

  • presentation of own products
  • selling advertising space to partners
  • use of the system to create events according to the requirements of your clients
  • unlimited number of display devices
  • efficient management and control from a single
  • no or minimal maintenance cost


  • effective information management
  • attractive and customizable appearance
  • easy maintenance
  • effective management from one place

Working with the system PARIS is:

  • simple and intuitive
  • plannable with the possibility of automatic realisation

User interface of PARIS provides the ability to easily managing of the entire system so each employee working with system. Implementing and system settings is carried out by our trained staff. 


PARIS Modules

Access for the selected user based on user roles to these modules and functionalities can be set:


STB control

STB remote control, management of video files, TV channels, presentation and templates.


Recordings management, creating and editing parameters, start and stop recording.


Processing of archival recordings from the camera system.


Planning presentation, Recording and general Behavior of devices.

Video Portal

Managing the recordings from video portal, approving and converting process.


Managing users, VLC instances, input and output devices.

STB control can be realize also in bulk by inclusion of several STB devices to groups. Defined actions will apply for the entire STB group. One of the many benefits of system PARIS is Possibility to schedule displaying content on devices in advance, while system displays content automatically, when specified time occurs. Similarly, it is possible to schedule recordings from the cameras and store or archive these recordings. 

The system allow to create playlist that helps planning content playback. For displaying content the user has available a number of tools and settings, among others the system disposes of templates that can be used to display selected content. For example, in TV channels part it is possible to manage TV stations and activate the TV mode on display devices. In the Administration module - in part of Reports there are predefined report types from the system that users can use together with the given input conditions.


PARIS Video Portal is a unique module of system PARIS, which has remarkable practical use, as it provides easy publishing, playback, search and categorization of videos. Videos – as a type of multimedia content are managed in the system PARIS. Embedded videos go through an approval process and format conversion. Videos contain tags added by authors and also views counter, previews are created automatically by Video Portal. Watching videos is realized by HTML5 or FLASH.


PARIS - Datasheet

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