Our uniqueness is what defines us.

Our uniqueness is what defines us.


System Functionality

AIM information system integrates modules for efficient survey and management of software installed on computers in the corporate network. It is designed for administrators to monitor the allocation and usage of software and software licenses, also to plan and record service operations. Moreover system provides other support functions.


AIM Modules

The system consists of modules: Software audit (which contains a register of computers in network, database licenses and software base) HW audit (includes Evidence of projectors, back-up media and devices), Work dairy (includes computer prophylaxis, back-up records and evidence of maintenance) and Additional services module.

Modules provide functionalities for many administrative tasks, including in the module Software audit - system for registered workstations and servers performs scans, the results of which the administrator can view, compare and also he can trigger the new scans. In this way administrator controls software installed on individual computers in the network.

In the License registry administrator receives an overview which contains total number of licenses of given type, number of assigned licenses and number of used licenses. Software base provides a comprehensive overview of the detected software on a network with information on how its licensing. HW audit module includes various types of hardware registry. Work dairy is focused on records of maintenance activities, prophylaxis and back-up.


HelpDesk – The system for creating tickets

Given ticket passes through the life cycle of different states. Ticket is entered by submitter, then it is handled by one or more solvers, it can be suspended, dismissed, forwarded to another solver, finished with the result, etc.  The system also disposes of email notification for predefined actions and enables storage of communication history to the ticket. User access to tickets is handled by ACL based on their user rights.


AIM utilisation

AIM system is meant to be employed broadly in enterprise IT infrastructure supporting record keeping of following:

Software licences, hardware, projectors, light bulb lifespan, backup media, previous backups, and borrowed equipment and administrator actions on PC. AIM also provides the records and planning of repeated prophylactic operations on servers and automated information collection about software and special aspects of hardware. AIM is synchronized with Active Directory to extent of computers and users.


AIM product is composed of client and agent part communicating upon single database.

Agent provides information collection from PCs on network and stores data.

Client provides graphical presentation of information collected by agent.


AIM Agent

AIM Agent conducts information collection from PCs on network and entering them in database. It synchronizes list of PCs and Users with AD. Recognizes installed software from PC registry. Recognizes hardware specification from WMI. Detects their IP addresses from DNS based on name in AD. Should be localized directly on network promoting full access, if that is not possible, then multiple agents could be utilised providing access to various segments of network. The connection between Agent and Database must be secured either way. Agent requires special account privileges enabling information collection.


AIM Client

Used for presenting information collected by Agent. It conducts transparent categorization of registrar, enabling quick search via menu. User experience is at the centre of our effort, so AIM provides elegant and modern UI with user friendly navigation. One of the best features working with AIM are intelligent saveable filters and automatized support of prophylactic operation on server. Flexible privileges assignment for different records of registrar is guaranteed.


AIM - Datasheet

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AIM |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
AIM |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
AIM |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
AIM |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice