We put together competent team of
architects, analysts and developers.

We put together competent team of
architects, analysts and developers.

Software Solutions

Product portfolio entails all the software development cycle phases beginning with analytical process, through design and implementation to servicing the solution.

Software Solutions

Custom Software Development

As a guarantee for customer expectations to be met as closely as possible we place emphasis on agile software solutions development. Enclosing customer in this process is a necessity.  We are trying to create an easily understandable analytical outputs for the customer. We place emphasis on making prototypes of solutions early for getting feedback. We rely on high-quality team of experienced architects, analysts and developers, who are able to transform client ideas into solutions and cover the entire software development process. We emphasize not only their technical skills, but also domain knowledge and ability to quickly understand and delve into specialized domain issues.

However, there is a fact that we put a special emphasis on tracking and acquisition of technological innovation, persistently following newest trends in software community. We place special emphasis on technological trends and innovations monitoring, which we apply to solutions after a careful verification. We adapt solution architecture sensitively to a customer's and project specifics while we only use proven technologies. Our goal is to build solutions so as to fit into the customer's specific technological framework. We recognize need to maintain the widest possible portfolio of technologies in addition to the guarantee of their professional knowledge. We focus on creation of user interfaces, their ergonomics and usability. We work closely with the security experts of our society in dealing with security requirements, while it is both an essential part of our products. In cooperation with them we apply a methodology for the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

The main pillars of development for software solutions:

  • Security
  • Ergonomics
  • Customer engagement
  • Early prototype's disclosure
  • Domain knowledge
  • Technological openness
  • Responsible choices about technology
  • Modern approaches and technologies
  • Long-term sustainability and scalability
  • Compliance with standards
  • Testing

Data Analytics

The volume and diversity of customer digitized data is growing dramatically, but the processing of these data is lagging behind the options that standard information technology provides. For our customers we supply products, which are able to process and evaluate various data formats, data from a variety sources and the Internet. For a big data processing and its analytical load we set up and deploy products, which automatically extract information from the data provided along with its automatic valuation according to specific customer needs and requirements. For our solution, we are preparing recommended evaluation data set also, based on the areas of customer's action on and customer's market specifics. Part of the solution is creation and the evaluation of the information and the social networking links with a focus on customer's issues and requirements. The user can define the statistical data, analytical or predictive reports to support your decision making.



We support the deployment and use of simulation systems for military simulations and simulations in the field of crisis management. We support exercises on simulation centres for the Slovak Republic Armed Forces.


System Integration

We build on innovative approaches and advanced integration platforms. For developing proposals for integration's architecture we are looking at technical and domain specificities. A concrete proposal of integration's architecture corresponds to the specificities of both technical as well as domain, at the same time the architecture's complex solutions based on the principles of service-oriented Architecture service-oriented (SOA) or architecture managed events (EDA).


Mobile Platforms Development

We realize the development for a variety of mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets in the form of native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, as well in the form of cross-platform solutions with the use of HTML.


Portal Solutions

We create specialized and advanced portal solutions for internet and intranet. When we are creating a public web portal, we emphasize accessibility, responsive design and standards compliance. When we build intranet solutions, we offer custom development or use of established Portal platforms and integrated document's management using SharePoint or Alfresco platforms. Intranet solutions typically include the integration of information from diverse and specialized systems in an efficient form.


Document Management

We create solutions for management, monitoring and document flow in organizations, which shall be subject to the obligations to register in the registry. Solutions supports collaborative document creation, their circulation and approval within the work flow with an emphasis on automating work flow. As the basis of a document management solution, we use our own product DOXIS.

  • Electronic registry
  • Interface for the document's exchange and bank data systems
  • Functionality for digitizing paper documents and automatically improve the quality of digital image
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Electronic registrar
  • Above-standard tools for reporting and statistics

Content Presentation Solutions

We provide specialized solutions for the display of digital content. The target devices could take form of a projection equipment, television receivers, or touch tables. When we are creating solutions we are backed by our own product PARIS, which provides complex tools for creating multimedia presentations and management of their posting on the network served by display units.


Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

For the long time our company practiced and developed Security Development Lifecycle methodology (SDL), which ensures secure software solutions building and provides security guarantees for customer in addition to reduction of development costs. SDL team consultants are able to support and introduce this methodology for any project where security and guarantee is the key attribute.


Industrial Management Intelligence

Solutions for industrial intelligence includes a unique link between traffic data from production and support facilities with data from ERP systems, which provide analytical basis for immediate evaluation. This solution means a practical shift towards industrial concepts such as World Class Manufacturing or Total productive maintenance.


Application Development Services

Our analytical part services:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for information systems
  • Collection and analysis customer requirements on information system development projects
  • Developing analysis and implementation's design of the information systems

Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer also:

  • A complex audit of information systems
  • Implementation of application security during the project's execution in accordance with SDL(Security Development Lifecycle)

Development and implementation of application software includes, in particular:

  • Document Management
  • Complex Operational Information Systems
  • Content Display information systems
  • Systems for monitoring technological equipment of the user documentation
  • Additional structure of information systems for the statistic's creation and management reports
  • Portal solutions
  • Projects to build data centres
  • Projects of integration information systems with the use of integration platforms

In the context of the post-implementation phase and the service we are providing:

  • Assistance in deploying information systems and integration of complex IT solutions
  • Contractual Technical Support and Services of information systems
  • Creation of  technical and user documentation
  • Users training
  • We also provide other services regarding application development according to customer requirements.


We also provide other software solutions according to customer requirements.

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