We protect human and material values.

We protect human and material values.

Physical and Building Security

Our aim in the area of Physical and Building Security is to create the best solutions for our clients in the field of IP Security.

Physical and Building Security

C4 integrated security system

This product covers a complex solutions for integration of multiple security technologies from different vendors into one Visualization Platform. C4 integrated security system provides centralized, multi-user interface for managing building security. Thanks to its open architecture, the C4 system can be adapted to the specific requirements of small and large installations.

C4 provides a software solution that integrates all security technologies such as access control systems, alarm systems, fire systems, camera systems into one intelligent interface. C4 integrates various security systems from different vendors into one central solution and provides a multi-user interface for managing building security. This provides users with:

  • Central management of  security devices
  • Visualization and device monitoring
  • Security processes automation
  • Security information analysis and evaluation
  • Central management of people and identifiers
  • Support for crisis management

IP camera systems

The product includes small, medium and large solutions based on IP. We specialize in products and solutions from the suppliers portfolio such as Axis, Bosch, Samsung, Hikvision. Image analysis, data processing, storage, archiving is handled by a professionally designed server solution. Naturally,  the design and implementation of network inspection infrastructure is based on technology from renowned world leaders Cisco and HP.

Matter of course are these:

  • Meeting the customer, incorporating requirements
  • Project documentation, design and consultancy
  • Realization
  • Customer service, inspection and control in accordance with legislation

Analytical image processing, metadata collection, evaluation, outputs in the statistics form:

The solution offers the customer an added value to camera system. Pushes camera system and its functionality to the next level. The solution includes:

  • Video analysis of the camera image
  • Data collection, processing, recording, metadata stored in the database
  • Statistical evaluation tools or prediction
  • Output for the customer in the form of graphs, charts

Alarm systems, access control systems

For building security and access control system we offer systems from the vendors such as PARADOX, Honeywell, ATS, Aktion, Bosch, Cominfo satellite. We offer a wide range of sensors, control panels, IR barriers MW barriers communicators. After a visit at the customer we provide complex design, project implementation and service support. Naturally, there is a connection objects to counter centralized protection PCO.


Electrical fire alarm and voice alarm systems

For sound system of premises and the subsequent management of evacuation system we offer EPS HSP brands BOSCH and ESSER. Our systems meet all essential EVAC (Emergency Voice Alarm Evacuation) requirements of standard STN EN 54 Part 4, Part 16, Part 24 and EN 60849 - the constant control panel, switch to backup amplifier, check of the speaker lines, recording and playback of digital messaging, collaboration with the fire alarm control panel and remote control task EPS HSP sound system in addition to the commercial premises is mainly to ensure timely evacuation messages in case of emergency of buildin fire or other circumstances. For our customers, we provide complex design work, consulting, engineering, implementation and service support.


Designing activity

This product covers projection and engineering activity of project documentation. The bill of deliveries consists of the following stages:

  • Delivering the project preparation works for the construction management (development of project documentation, preparation of the application for commencement of the building proceedings,making the application for the initiation of civil proceedings, making the applications for the issue of authorisations necessary for the buildings realization,)
  • Completion of the project for civil works (the development of competitive conditions for the investor, the finalization of the project for the implementation, the work description, the statement of assessment, inspection budget)
  • Ensure a contractual relations for building implementation (cooperation with investors in evaluating the competition, creating a  timetable), work on building construction (the exercise of supervision, the development of the actual realisation building for approving proceedings).


We also provide other solutions of Physical and Building Security according to customer requirements.

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