We protect human and material values.

We protect human and material values.

Complex Security Solutions

Our enterprise provides consulting, conduction of analysis and security audits.

Complex Security Solutions

Our company covers security activities of our customers and does it in a way that ensures their needs in the security management's field from the personal data's protection, through the classified information's protection, business continuity management to information security management systems according to STN ISO\/IEC 27000. In addition, it also deals with the information technology's security and in the mobile communication management, deploys systems for encrypting data and communication, in a system's implementation for security information's management and events, and also in the cyber security and forensic analysis field.


Security Policy Documents

Partial Policies / Concepts
Partial policies or concept are derived from organisations´ security policy, which defines in its area of competency, which policies are required. Taking it into consideration, we offer development of security policies covering 11 areas. We offer consulting regarding all branches of security policy, partial policy development or protection system design.

Managing Security Documentation (practise level)
Management and security documentation is actually a third level of documentation derived from the security policy. We offer you creation of directives for personal data protection, protection of classified information, protection of business trade and directives for defence and protection which covers areas in accordance with legislation. Also we realise directives for ICT security, security profiles for building security and information systems and also more documents of internal legislation.

Operational Security Documentation (procedure level)
Our offer contain production of manuals in accordance with STN ISO/IEC 27 002 areas and methodical instructions for classified information protection, personal data protection, trade secret protection security manuals for information systems administration.

Security Management System
We are capable of delivering security management system customized to requirements defined in security policy. Partial systems are also an option, such as information security management, classified information protection system and defence and protection system.


Analysis, assessments and audits

Security Analysis for organizations
Our analytical activities include various kind of analyses. By assessing the current state of the organization security to individual analysis of information systems. We review the current state of physical and building security, personal data protection and protection of trade secret. We will assess the current state of management and working documentation in accordance with the requirements of safety standard for information systems of public administration or STN ISO/IEC 27 002.

Risk Analyses
Part of our work is the risk analysis which aims to identify risks threatening the assets and propose measures to ensure minimizing identified risks to an acceptable level. We provide consulting services and qualitative risk analysis where we employ international standards and best practice in the field of information security.

We offer consultation of internal and external audit. Information security audit is an independent assessment  ensuring protection of information systems and information processed by them. Depending on the purpose of the audit we assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented control mechanisms and assess their compliance with legislative requirements, managing and other documents of the organization. We employ international standards and best practice in the area of audit and information security.


Security Projects

Personal Data (According to the Law No. 122/2013 Z.z.)
To protect personal information, we provide the whole complex of activities in accordance with the law of personal data protection. We develop all parts of the security projects as a security objective, analysis of security information system where personal data are processed, to designing the structure or complete establishment of security guidelines.

Classified Information
To protect classified information, we develop all kinds of documentation and security projects in accordance with the law on the protection of classified information. We offer business development of security projects for company and individuals.  We offer development of security projects for   technical means and their preparation for National Security Authority certification. We develop security documentation of protected areas in accordance with Law on the protection of classified information also.



Acquiring Industrial Security Certification/Classified Information Protection
We provide the whole complex of consultations from organizational protection of classified information through preparation and execution to administrative and personal security. We also provide consultations for the preparation of security projects and to prepare for business security evaluation. We propose a way to create and provide protected areas and preparation of technical means for processing classified information.

Personal Data Protection
We outline the possible law impacts on protection of personal data for the organization, depending on the way how is personal data processed. We provide the opportunity to consult changes in controlling documentation according to the described process for managing and processing of information and organizational changes resulting from this activity.


Training as a part of Project Realization

Classified Information Protection
We offer a complex supply of training activities in the protection of classified information. We provide training of security staff and preparation for the exam security employee at the National Security Authority.

Personal Data protection
In accordance with the law we provide training and guidance for people who process personal data and also people who supervise the processing of personal data. In particular we start from the conditions of personal data processing in an organization where we provide also other activities.


Information Security Products Implementation

Governance and Management of company mobility (EMM)
In the area of mobile devices management and administration used by the organization we provide implementation of information security products for complex management systems in mobile device management (MDM), mobile applications (MAM) and mobile content (MCM).

Implementation of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) from McAfee    
To implement security monitoring systems through the management of security information and cases in information systems we provide design and implementation of McAfee SIEM's product.


We also provide other security solutions according to customer requirements.

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