Network infrastructure has to be
built as complex solution.

Network infrastructure has to be
built as complex solution.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Networking and Communication Infrastructure is necessary foundation for proper functioning of every information technology.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Consultation and groundwork materials development

Our company offers consultations, complete design of solution and delivering project documentation for requested portfolio area of networking and communication products. Based on joint consultations and your requirements we provide optimal solution for your needs, or those of your customers. For projecting organizations we are capable of delivering complete fundament materials for project to agreed extent based on consultations. We also offer you realisation of whole project, in accordance with legislative norms, or its parts concerning infrastructure and networking as supply delivery. Such project encloses complete technical documentation (technical report, drawing documentation, statement, assessment and budget).


Complex solution delivery (goods and material, installation, configuration)

We propose you complete portfolio of goods and services for building quality, timeless infrastructure and networking solutions as guarantee to trouble-free operations of your organization. Delivery is conducted based on approved solution designed or project documentation.


Underlying infrastructure for application components

In these times it is necessary prerequisite for organizations to support business processes. In these area, we are providing solutions for building complex infrastructure supporting application components and additional intelligence services. These are deployed to various segment of business accentuating their specific needs. Within this category we may find services targeted on designing and complex delivery in:

  • Solutions for big enterprise
  • Solutions for Data Centres
  • Private Cloud Solutions based on Microsoft Azure

In following areas we provide solutions incorporating all networking and infrastructure components as:

  • Server-side infrastructure using technologies of market leaders (HP, Lenovo, Cisco)
  • Data storage infrastructure and backup components utilizing HP, IBM and Cisco technologies
  • Virtualization technologies VMware and HyperV
  • MS Windows, Linux operating system and platform software from Microsoft and other vendors
  • Networking solutions for data centres utilizing Cisco technologies
  • Networking solutions for organization dealing with data, voice and video transfer utilizing LAN, MAN and WAN networks

Wireless Data Transfer

In this area we specialize ourselves in projecting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions utilizing free or licenced frequency spectrum based on technological requirements, required transfer speed and distance between points, transfer environment characteristics, number of access points and also based on customer´s requirements. We design and implement WiFi solutions for big enterprise customers connecting their business, but also private devices utilizing Cisco BYOD with guest access. Component-wise we employ products of Cisco Systems, Ubiquiti Networks and Ceragon.


Transport network solutions for Service Providers

The importance of solutions for service providers, mobile providers included, will be raising in the future, technologies like Internet of Things – IoT, massive penetration of mobile devices and video transfer requirements have pushed the upgrades in existing networks. Detailed optimization of them keeps CapEx and OpEx costs at competitive level. Our solutions for area of Service Providers incorporate consultations, design and implementation of advanced technological solutions aimed at Core, Aggregator and Access Networks.


Complex VoIP-based solutions

Contemporary technology enables us to employ properly built data networks for IP-based voice transfer also. These solutions are aimed at internal enterprise communication, communication between distanced subsidiaries using WAN, and utilizing proper gateway, to external telecommunication network also.

VoIP advantages:

  • Open architecture based on standards, scalability, unified communication protocol
  • Significant lowering of operational costs for telephone and fax services between subsidiaries using private data networks
  • Voice connection of two subsidiaries via Internet
  • Employing existing IP network and bandwidth (omitting building of telephone cable infrastructure, especially between premises)

VoIP solutions are based predominantly on Cisco Systems devices, such as Communication Manager, Gateway and IP telephone devices.


Collaboration Tools

Collaboration products are next possibility how to utilize your existing infrastructure to boost productivity in your organization, such as videoconference solutions and other tools enabling sharing of files, documents, desktops, images, video and instant messaging. Our company provides complex set of services in this area from design to implementation. Usually we employ videoconference systems and collaboration tools from Cisco and Microsoft.


Digital Notice Boards and IPTV

Our company covers this area by providing complex solutions of digital display panels (Digital Notice Boards) based on in-house developed software Presentation And Recording Information System – PARIS. Digital Notice Boards are main functionality of PARIS, combining standard LCD panel with Set Top Box. System does provide central administration and remote control of display panels, event scheduling included.

Internet Protocol Television – IPTV, is another service we provide complex solution in, consisting of designing networking and streaming devices, administration system and infrastructure implementation. Administration system enables remote control of TV set and Set Top Box, displaying and managing multimedia content per customer intent. It could be utilized to display information, advertising or for mood creation on premises.


Structured Cable Systems and Server Rooms Realisation

We are capable of erecting optical (SM/MM) and also metallic (Cat5E/Cat6A) cable structures suitable for voice, data and video transfer. These systems have an open architecture, enabling access to network to any other device, complying with international standards and recommendations, which is affirmed by our own certification and also certification of built cable structures themselves. By employing the newest technologies and methods, our solutions do keep pace with customers´ requirements regarding constantly higher data transfer.

Realisation of structured cable systems is supplied by designing and conducting infrastructure for server rooms with needed infrastructure (power supply, cooling, network and communication infrastructure premises) ranging from IT rooms for smaller organizations to full-fledge data centres.


We also provide other IT Infrastructure solutions according to customer requirements.

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