Network infrastructure has to be
built as complex solution.

Network infrastructure has to be
built as complex solution.

Infrastructure Solutions Department

Ján Hutník
Head of Infrastructure Solutions Department 

I lead Network and Communication Infrastructure Department. We specialize in implementation solutions for: network technology, server infrastructure, data storage infrastructure, operating systems and backup software platform and technologies virtualization and other basic areas (structured cabling, power supply, etc.) needed to support the running of IT services and applications in organizations. Last but not least, we are covering the area of Building Security Solutions. 


Team of Infrastructure Solutions Department

In these areas, we implement solutions and technologies from leading vendors such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, VMware and others. We focus on projects implementation to meet the requirements of our customers. It is also a great area for continuous professional growth and creativity with a minimum routine activities. 

The character of work requires strong focus on teamwork, not only internally but also interdisciplinary which contributes to the professional development and also horizons expansion in other technical areas. For the projects implementation as well as professional training we have available laboratory testing to verify the technologies, in projects we apply lessons learned in courses and trainings focused on technologies used.


We protect human and material assets against unauthorised access and ill-willed conduct of third-party individuals.


Building Security Solutions

The core values ultimately shape the course of each society and individual alike. Candid communications, sincere relations, responsible conduct, sense of belonging in environment and educational dynamics are values of our company and our Department in particular. 



Together, we create the best IP security solutions for our customers. Our department provides timeless, reliable and effective solutions for any case in this area. Customers are provided with above-average and long-time services. 


Culture and traditions

Our company culture has taken its form since 1991. Several traditions has formed in its wake taking formal and also informal part in our company. The essential pillars of our enterprise are: professionalism, trust and talent.

The professional approach is a characteristic trait, and regarding not only customers, but also between colleagues. By trust we mean the collection of personal and moral traits expected of each LYNX employee.

Furthermore, talent symbolizes our competency to deliver sophisticated solutions solving our customers´ problems. Following these principles in our hiring process is important to maintain the integrity of our company and its good name on market.