Thinking first and foremost as
customer would be thinking.

Thinking first and foremost as
customer would be thinking.

Bussiness Development Department

Marek Grega 
Head of Bussiness Development Department

The main objective of sales is to transform company´s technological potential into customer needs solving solution. First of all, we do support realisation of customer visions, optimization of critical processes into effective end-products. This enables our customers to rise at the top of their game. Market is well-known for its flexibility, which we counter by using the top notch modern technologies, management methods and workflows. All our activities are targeting human factor – our partners foremost with their requirements and wishes. This is our philosophy and our attitude.


Customer Satisfaction as our mission

Our company successfully operates on IT market for over 28 years. For all this time, we have followed certain principles in our business affairs. Foremost, there is enormous effort to meet all our customers´ demands and ability to fulfil our commitment. Treasuring these principles has brought us good position and reputation on market.



Regarding specific tasks Sales Department manages in context of whole company, there are specific abilities demanded of each staff member. The most prominent are: self-reliance, professionalism, assertiveness, pleasing demeanour, loyalty and flexibility.


Culture and traditions

Our company culture has taken its form since 1991. Several traditions has formed in its wake taking formal and also informal part in our company. The essential pillars of our enterprise are: professionalism, trust and talent.

The professional approach is a characteristic trait, and regarding not only customers, but also between colleagues. By trust we mean the collection of personal and moral traits expected of each LYNX employee.

Furthermore, talent symbolizes our competency to deliver sophisticated solutions solving our customers´ problems. Following these principles in our hiring process is important to maintain the integrity of our company and its good name on market.