We use the top notch modern technologies,
management methods and workflows.

We use the top notch modern technologies,
management methods and workflows.

Applications Department

Peter Azor
Head of Applications Department

Applications Department focuses itself on complex solutions development for special use cases, especially armed forces. We develop and deliver specialized application mainly for army simulation training, emergency situation handling and supporting activities in this regard. Realising support of CAX training we do utilise long-year experience, adding recent know-how and technologies in process, preparing new digital terrains and broadening capabilities of simulation software in unison. We also develop our company´s software products and provide support for it. 


Special Applications

The vital part of department´s activities is application development, focusing mainly on improving functionality of constructive simulation system used by Armed Forces of Slovakia. 



For simulating emergency situations we have prepared a specialized unique system. The Department extends the portfolio every year and confirms its position in the applications development and complex information systems.


Team of Applications Department

Our team is made up of programmer, analyst, database specialist and tester positions. These positions commonly form executive teams for the implementation of projects, or work together with our partners in the framework of other specialized departments or with other companies, in some cases up to international level.



The team consists of a key long-time workers and smart juniors, who are constantly gaining professional experience. We prefer candidates with adequate education, with willing to grow professionally and those who meet the required knowledge and skills as much as possible for the position.


Culture and traditions

Our company culture has taken its form since 1991. Several traditions has formed in its wake taking formal and also informal part in our company. The essential pillars of our enterprise are: professionalism, trust and talent.

The professional approach is a characteristic trait, and regarding not only customers, but also between colleagues. By trust we mean the collection of personal and moral traits expected of each LYNX employee. Furthermore, talent symbolizes our competency to deliver sophisticated solutions solving our customers´ problems.

Following these principles in our hiring process is important to maintain the integrity of our company and its good name on market.