Our uniqueness is what defines us.

Our uniqueness is what defines us.


Emergency  Communication System

Emergency communication system (ECS) is a complex solution that provides the functionality of the preparation of emergency communication plans and automated exchange of information through a variety channels (primary by phone). The product was built with respect to specific needs of armed forces and emergency communication and management, whether from an organisational or security point of view. System could be also used for notification between supporting auxiliary activities.


The ability to create a hierarchy of emergency communication structure

The product allows you to create a multistage hierarchy of emergency communication groups that meets the needs of defense sectors and national crisis management. In the group's framework it is possible to define position with specified prioritised substitutability.


Procuring effective, reliable and secure communication system

is necessity when it comes to emergency.


Reporting templates

The product allows you to define reporting templates, including the ability to specify necessary interaction with the person. In the templates, you can select the parts of the reports, which operator can enter up at the moment of emergency communication, and which is used as the default inserted to predefined reporting templates.


The possibility of recording barriersobstacles at crisis communicationin emergency communication

Through a transparentwell arranged calendar it is possible to record information about the person's unavailability. It is also possible to recorded and repeated obstacles. ControlUser interface reminds Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which makes it possible to connect a solution, which is also possible to connect the solution to.



The solution enables prioritization of crisisemergency communication at different levels (an event, group, position, lining), ensuring that information about important events is notifiedare processed sooner than before as the less important and is guaranteed a appropriate order of consultations pe rson notification is guaranteed.



In addition to the product options of uploading audio message events, it allows you to specify the message in text form, provides text-to-voice high quality conversion, making it much more efficient notification system.


SimpleEasy to use web interface

User interfaces areis created by using wWeb technologies. The solution doesn't require software installation on workstation, therefore it is ensured availability of functionality onin different devices and platforms is ensured. Special emphasis has been placed on ergonomics, effectiveness and rapid user's interfacerapid user learning curve.


Getting feedback from emergencyabout crisis communication

The solution enables selection from different modes of receipt message confirmation. It is Each attempt to notifyobserved each attempted to notify and provided information provided in the event of failure about on the likely reason (connection failure, busy, not answering, etc.) are tracked. The number of repeated notification attempts to notify is definable by user.



The product was built with security in mind both onso the infrastructure as well as application level. From the application point of view was put , the emphasis was to enable each group of users to work with only those information, which are necessary to its occupation and tasks. There are kept detailed audit records about every user's activity there. 

Solution has the integration components for integration with Active Directory and supports an integrated (single sign on) authentication. It is subject to a uniformed policy of user accounts and eliminates multiple logins user's needs. However the solution supports the regime with also its own user management regime.


Controlling activities, exercisetraining

The product provides a detailed overview of functionality, thanks to which it is possible to monitor the emergency communication's progress in real time the crisis communication's progress, and then to analyse and evaluate its success. It also supports training mode. CrisisEmergency communication's progress remains stored in archive for later use.


Support of various crisisemergency communication channels

The system supports a variety of communication channels, but also their combination when personscontacted persons couldan be notified almost immediately by SMS notification and subsequently notified by telephone.

  • Phone
  • SMS
  • E –mail

Solution's architecture

The system architecture is based toon modern standards, built with respect to a multilayer architecture, easily scalable and also it supports high-availability operation.


Ability to integrateIntegration options

The product is easily integrated with other systems, typically the HR modules such as economic systems - SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamicsx, etc.


ECS - Datasheet

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ECS |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
ECS |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
ECS |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice
ECS |Copyright © LYNX - spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice