Our uniqueness is what defines us.

Our uniqueness is what defines us.


Customer ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Guidance

There are sophisticated information systems introduced as computing development in business progresses. If there is data of other legal or personal entities involved, it is also necessary to ensure customer about their safety. Implementation of Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides trustworthiness of enterprise for any 3rd party involved that their information are handled vigilantly, according to defined security rules and manages risks concerning threats identified in processes. ISMS also implicitly signals compliance with legislative requirements for information security according to Slovak Public Law.

Deployment of this system is convenient way of ensuring the management of enterprise about internal system capable of managing information security risks. For any outsiders, proper certification is the usual signaling way.


Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation signals credibility

to any 3rd party involved with enterprise.


The role of Executive Management

To implement ISMS, the conviction of higher company management is required. It has to be aware of necessary organisational, personal and technical measures for deployment. It has to ensure the compliance with ISMS requirements, not omitting itself.


ISMS as model solution

ISMS is in its essence the complete model defining risks assessment, the design and implementation of secure information, information security management and repeated information security assessment for continuing information security improvement. Standard itself is able to comply with various types of organization, ranging from private enterprise to public institutions.

The core of standard is constant improvement system known as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) which aims at creating, building, monitoring and constantly improving ISMS at the organization. The improvement cycle is best scheduled at one-year term to be aligned with certification requirements. The certification itself requires external audit. The first audit is certificatory, the next two are control audits, followed by re-certificatory audit and so on.


ISMS Implementation

The best practice is to schedule deployment of ISMS after implementing ISO 9001, or together as Integrated Management System. This sequence simplifies ISMS implementation using established policies in the process.


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