Our uniqueness is what defines us.

Our uniqueness is what defines us.


System Functionality

Integration middleware BOND is a software product that performs data transformation from one data repository to another. Communication is realized via standard protocols, for example. SOAP, FTP. BOND enables to generate or parse files to a ZIP archive from the received data and these files then serve for further processing, respectively recovering.


Main features of middleware BOND

  • without data loss (for received data)
  • timing (eg. sleep-states)
  • synchronization (continuous life cycle of the received data, to their inclusion in the database respectively archiving) input data archiving
  • no duplication (of written data)
  • recovery (after an interruption in at any moment of processing)
  • nonintervention to surrounding systems

BOND includes the following

  • DataReader
  • DataWriter
  • DataArchivator
  • IdentityManager


Module reads the data (via a specific protocol) from a particular IS source and transforms them into the corresponding .csv files that are written into two folders: one for the module DataWriter and one for DataArchivator.



Module takes .csv files (from the directory where DataReaders write of which parses the content that further write to the database.



Module reads all the .csv files at any given time from the directory where particular DataReaders write. Loaded files are compressed into .zip archive and then archive is named for example according to the current date and time and stored in the directory from which in the future it can be implemented e.g. recovering or other use.



It is a logical unit created by modul IdentityReader and IdentityActualiser, which manages user’s data, stores it and performs the updates. System BOND MW provides fully automatic transfer of data from different types of data sources into the target database. The system is provided in respect of:

  • possibility to configure data collection from various sources
  • nonintervention to surrounding systems (associated therewith timing of access to resources)
  • requirement to without transfer loss and elimination of duplication (Correct recovery after an interruption activity)
  • demand of data archivation (with unmodified content)


BOND - Datasheet

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